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Joe specializes in helping families and professionals identify their financial goals and implement a strategy to help achieve them.  His approach involves developing strong relationships with clients that lasts over time, allowing him to recommend the right insurance and investment strategies for each individual client. 


Mike builds the confidence and the inspiration for his clients to act on their own best intentions. This mission has guided Mike through 20+ years of industry changes that have impacted his clients’ wealth. This mission also let him to form his own independent financial advisory firm, Valor Wealth Management, allowing himself and his advisors to be able to collaborate with clients in an objective and suitable manner to achieve their goals.

Ron conducts business with his personal clients in addition to prospecting, analyzing, and presenting on 401k retirement plan solutions and education strategies to business owners and key decision makers. When working with business owners, he offers the additional advantage of helping them to guide their employees towards personal financial goals, enhancing reach throughout the community. 

As a financial services professional, Craig takes great pleasure in finding appropriate solutions for clients’ specific needs. He is dedicated to carefully listening to clients in order to gain a thorough understanding of their financial goals, and match them with products that will meet their needs. Over time, he continues to work closely with clients to ensure they remain on the right path toward their financial goals.

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Jake takes pride in acting as a stepping-stone for his clients, taking them from where they are to where they want to be. Jake’s focus for the last five years has been on providing wealth protections strategies for his clients. He prides himself on consistently educating himself on market trends and concepts.

As an advisor, Jon enjoys helping his clients’ reach their goals.  Through conversations he develops an understanding of clients’ needs, and, with their input, develops a wholistic plan specific to each person. He is proud that he keeps up to date on market trends, and uses this to continue to work with clients as their needs and goals change.

All Valor Wealth Management advisors are supported by an admin staff. If you’re unable to reach your advisor don’t hesitate to get in touch with their assistants:

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